Nursing home in Luxembourg


Location: Bascharage, Luxembourg
Built surface: 19.700 m2
Promoter: Administration des Bâtiments Publics (Gouvernement de Luxembourg)
Architects: Roger Pernas, Bernat
Status: Project (on going)
Typology: New building, Socio-sanitary

Gato, GINA Barcelona Architects and Metaform Studio

Through the project site, located in the Op Acker area of Bascharage, runs a stream, the Mierbaach. The residence will welcome elderly people who are not valid, but do not require important medical treatments (200 inmates).

The ground floor accommodates the reception, restoration and admission functions on half of its surface. In individual room floors, the building is organized in the form of “8″, with corridors forming circulation loops. This principle demanded by the client allows the inmates to walk without having to go back on their way.

The two courtyards create new perspectives, allowing all living and working premises (functional block) to have a connection with the exterior (views, light and natural ventilation).


proyecto-de-residencia-de-la-tercera-edad-00 proyecto-de-residencia-de-la-tercera-edad-01 proyecto-de-residencia-de-la-tercera-edad-02 proyecto-de-residencia-de-la-tercera-edad-03

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