How to plan the lighting of each of the areas of a hospital

In CASASOLO we believe that hospital lighting plays a fundamental role in the sense of wellbeing of all users, whether they are patients, staff or visitors. Therefore, we propose every new project as an opportunity for R & D in which we apply the latest innovations and...
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Lighting hospitals and their influence on the welfare of patients

Light plays a fundamental role in the feeling of wellbeing and the efficient functioning of a building and this feature is even more remarkable in hospital spaces, where any change in the environmental conditions can impact positively or negatively on the status of patients....
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CASASOLO invited to first Hospital Ilumination Day

Last March, Casasolo participated in the First Health Sector Ilumination Day, held at the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona. Organized by the Cluster Lighting CICAT, the event included manufacturers, architects, designers, installers and technicians responsible for hospitals. Bernat...
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