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CASA SOLO Arquitectos is a company created in 2008 by architects Francesc Pernas, Bernat Gato and Roger Pernas. CASA SOLO Arquitectos follows the path set by CASA Consultors i Arquitectes since 1987, mainly in the field of planning, design and construction of healthcare buildings, both in the public and private sectors. Our wide experience in complex programs like hospitals, allows us to successfully tackle other similar projects such as research centers, laboratories, senior living, health centers and others.


CASASOLO Arquitectos 100% Healthcare design


  • Leaded by innovation and sustainability, our healthcare projects are thought to meet patient's needs but at the same time to solve the involvement of relatives and create an optimum working environment for staff.

    Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of experts who research and practice innovative solutions integrating the latest computer technologies, our projects are in close connection to the needs and goals of our clients. Our Hospital and healthcare projects are conceived with the latest BIM technologies creating computational fluid dynamics and full cost modeling to simplify the communication between the promoter and the construction team.

    We deliver exceptional healthcare design based on research and expertise to meet aesthetic, functional and efficiency requirements for our clients worldwide.

  • Because of their singularity, hospitals should be the paradigm of Accessibility for All. CASA SOLO has worked with the concept of "design for all” since our very beginnings in 1987. We incorporate physical, cognitive and sensory accessibility for all in our hospital projects beyond the regulatory requirements. We propose 100% inclusive hospitals that take the different types of users with special needs into account.

    But here at CASA SOLO we go further, providing solutions to the challenges that derive from the phenomenon known as the "longevity revolution". Learn more

  • Sustainability is instilled in all our projects. Our international presence has leaded us to be aware of local and national certifications abroad from a collaborative and integrated process in connection with local laws and climate conditions. Focused on preserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we work with digital energy models which are essential to accomplish with major energy certification such as LEED, Bream, HQE or Verde among others.

    This philosophy is also applied to renovation of existing buildings, where we believe preserving and reusing consolidated structures is not only an opportunity to understand the features defining built structures of a city but also to contribute to the preservation of the past while transforming places and reinventing their uses.

    Reusing built structures is the first step to sustainability.

  • Interior spaces in healthcare projects are extremely complex. Combining the analysis of human needs and behaviors with a deep knowledge of space requirements, materials and technologies we are capable to deliver simple and clear solutions that enhance healthcare environments.

    We believe the quality of care is directly related to the quality of interior design. We deliver a strict quality of finishes in all our custom designed spaces and furniture which is accomplished thanks to an accurate construction management control. In today’s hospitals and research centers technological systems and equipment acquire a core a fundamental role, it is essential to integrate them in the design process and to be updated on the latest technologies in the market, this is why our team is continuously researching and travelling to be able to advise our clients on the latest innovations.

    Our spaces are thought to be flexible and effective to allow future modifications, implementing safe, maintainable and holistic designs through which we are capable of improving not only the wellbeing of the patients but also the families and the staff involved in the treatments.

  • We believe environment may influence on the quality of patient treatment. All our healthcare projects are thought from the inside and from the outside, planning urban design and landscape to deliver site-specific solutions crafted to site and local climate.

    From intimate healing gardens to master planning projects we always work close to local authorities to define strategies for demanding site conditions in order to improve both built structures connections and people quality of life.

    Our service ranges from site analysis, including accesses and movements testing, parking, urban design, landscape and gardening design. We are experts in enlarging hospital complex from the basis of functional plans and all our new projects include the prevision of buffer spaces which will allow the future growth. A hospital is a project in continuous change, which should be flexible to foresee future enlargements and technological improvements.


Roger Pernas

Partner at CASA SOLO
Graduated in architecture from the ETSAV – Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2001.
He studied Building Engineering (UPC). Executive MBA at IESE Business School Finished in May 2015.
In 1999 he obtained a scholarship in the European program of interchanges SOCRATES in the Instituto Universitario di Architettura, city of Venetia (Italy). In 2000 he was junior professor of the introductory course of architecture at ETSAV School of architecture.
While he was studying architecture (1996-2001) he did internships in the architecture firm CASA Consultors i Arquitectes and structure firm Robert Brufau I Associats. From 2001 to 2003 he worked with the architect Rafael Moneo in Madrid developing the New Maternity of Gregorio Marañon Hospital. From 2003 to 2008 he was head of healthcare projects in the firm CASA Consultors i Arquitectes. In 2008 he founded CASA SOLO Arquitectos where it is since 2014 one of the executive partners.

Bernat Gato

Partner at CASA SOLO
Graduated in architecture from the ETSAV – Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2001.
In the year 2011 he finished the Master in Planning and Design of Health Centres (UOC).
In 1999 he obtained a scholarship in the European program of interchanges SOCRATES in n the École d’Architecture, city of Nantes (France). In 2000 he was junior professor of the introductory course of architecture at ETSAV School of architecture.
While he was studying architecture (1996-1999) he did internships in structure firm Robert Brufau I Associats and the architecture firm CASA Consultors i Arquitectes. He continued working from 2001 to 2008 in the firm CASA Consultors i Arquitectes, leading healthcare projects. In 2008 he founded CASASOLO Arquitectos where it is since 2014 one of the executive partners.

Francesc Pernas

Honorary President at CASA SOLO
He graduated as an architect from the ETSAB School of Architecture in Barcelona. He also has a Diploma in Health Facility Planning (MARU, North London Polytechnic, and a Master’s in Health Services Planning and Design (Columbia University, USA).
He practiced as a liberal professional from 1971-1976. He held the position of head of the Iberhospitalia Architecture Division and held the position of head of the Architecture Service of the Department of Health and Social Security of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1981-1987). He is currently the Honorary President of CASA SOLO and is retired.



Paulina Ballbè

Paulina Ballbè is a lawyer specialising in European Union law. She was the first manager of Cuatrecasas’ office in Brussels (1986-87). She has a Master in Development Cooperation from the Free University of Brussels and a postgraduate degree in Communication from UPF-IDEC. She has extensive experience as a European Commission official where, among other roles, she managed international tenders for construction works (education and health facilities, etc.) financed by the European Development Fund for cooperation programmes with Africa. She also founded (2010), promoted and directed the postgraduate degree in Active & Healthy Ageing Project Management at the Pompeu Fabra University- Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM), the first and currently the only university-level qualification in the field. She is also a consultant for many active ageing projects and as such she works with various institutions including the Department of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya and on start-up of the Academy of Seniors, an innovative project aimed at users of nursing homes for the elderly throughout Catalonia. She is the co-author of a book on active ageing published by the Federación de Ateneos de Catalunya and distributed to more than 180 federated entities.


In 2013, CASA Solo and L35 signed an agreement to make available to L35 clients a larger scope of services to include hospital and healthcare projects. After a long time of mutual cooperation, CASA Solo has finally become L35's Healthcare Facilities Department, contributing to the international expansion of the group with state-of-the-art knowledge and a vast experience in this field.
At the same time GINA Barcelona Architects, an international group, was created to work in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape. GINA brought together ten of the most prestigious firms with international recognition of Barcelona and it’s one of the biggest architecture groups in volume of built work, capacity and design quality in Spain. Francesc Pernas, Bernat Gato and Roger Pernas were co-founders of GINA Barcelona.
In order to develop hospital projects in Bolivia, offering a comprehensive service of planning, construction and hospital equipment, CASA Solo Arquitectos, PGI Engineering and Antares Consulting joined forces to create ENGEST, a consortium of companies for the health sector.
The HealthTech Cluster is initiative driven by the Generalitat de Catalunya, through ACCIÓ, which took its own autonomy in June 2014 bringing together Catalan companies and entities in the health technology sector to promote competitiveness. There are already more than 30 companies and institutions grouped, including CASA Solo, covering from the medical device to eHealth and mHealth companies that offer technological alternatives to improve health and quality of life of people
PRC Architekci is a Warsaw-based Polish architectural firm founded in 1997, now among the 10 largest architectural firms in Poland. Its work includes architectural design, urban design and interior design.