Reforma urgencias Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona

Completion of the refurbishment works of the Emergency Unit of Hospital Vall d’Hebron

  Last March, the refurbishment works of the Emergency Unit of the Hospital Vall d’Hebron were completed (both phases 3 and 4). Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is the largest healthcare complex in Catalonia. The emergency unit is located on the first floor of the...
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Elevación de la plataforma del nuevo helipuerto del Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron

Este sábado 20 de marzo de 2021 se procedió al izado de la plataforma para el nuevo helipuerto del Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron. Las obras se iniciaron en diciembre de 2019. Mientras se construía la nueva torre que sirve como soporte de la plataforma y aloja una...
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CASA SOLO on “Perspectiva”, programa of Catalunya Ràdio

It is already available the interview that Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato, CASA SOLO partners, did for the radio program “Perspectiva”. “Perspectiva”, a monthly space of Catalunya Radio directed by Josep Lluís Blázquez, shows the novelties and trends on...
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Remodel or build a new construction hospital

One of the most present debates in the current architecture is the degree of intervention to be carried out in the existing urban areas and plots, that is to say, the necessity or not of build new constructions, when we have a large number of buildings with the possibility of...
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How do we approach a hospital renovation project?

As hospital designers we often face the challenge of intervening in existing hospitals, meeting with many difficulties that have led us to establish operation criteria to reach flexibility and elasticity in our projects. The problem of obsolescence in hospital infrastructures...
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