Energy certification of hospitals: the VERDE tool

In order to facilitate the efficient design of buildings and following the slogan what can be measured can be improved, we find the energy certification system VERDE, an assessment tool of Spanish scope which applies nationwide and that has been developed by the GBCe (Green...
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Energy certification of hospitals: the hallmark of LEED energy efficiency

The concept of energy certification of hospitals is relatively young, the international hallmark LEED, perhaps the best known in the field of architecture has just over 17 years of experience and it is presented as one of the most prominent internationally. Conceived and...
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Energy certification of hospitals and health care buildings. Why should we certify?

Sustainability is nowadays a prerequisite in any health center, whether we have to build or renovate a hospital and no matter if the hospital is already in use, efficient use of resources and energy, is considered a prime necessity for the proper operation of the center. But...
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