II Architecture and Health Symposium, organized by ACES to talk about the influence of Covid-19 on Healthcare architecture

  On December 3rd, La Roca Barcelona Gallery hosted the celebration of the II Architecture and Health Symposium, organized by the ACES (Catalan Association of Health Entities) and dedicated to the architectural challenges faced by health infrastructures in the current...
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CASA SOLO’s Age-friendly new guide

  Since the beginning of our collaboration with Paulina Ballbè in 2017, CASA SOLO has worked to turn its attention to a growing section of the population: the elderly and people with dementia. While it is not necessary to reach a certain age to experience physical and mental...
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Casa Solo Arquitectos wins the Prize of Architectural Quality in Health Buildings

  Last week, it was held, simultaneously in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 25th Latin American Congress on Hospital Architecture and Engineering and the 23rd Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE). In the Congress framework, which this year was...
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