Competition Vilablareix Secondary School

Location: Vilablareix, Girona, Spain
Date: 2017
Surface: 4,710 m²
Collaborator: Ramon Esteve
Promoter: Department of Education
Status: Competition
Typology: New building

A compact volume aligned on Marie Curie Street is proposed to consolidate this environment. From this street it is from where the Center is accessed, widening the sidewalk in the corner with the Montnegre street. A smaller volume lines on the Montnegre street, connected by a porch. The maximum regular free space is freed inside the plot avoiding hidden areas to facilitate the control of the spaces.

Compact and modular model with central hallway and symmetrical distribution with classrooms on both sides. The compactness of the building favours its cleaning, conservation and maintenance.

The modularity and symmetry of the system gives it great flexibility that allows modifications and internal redistributions of spaces in order to adapt to the needs of the Centre over time.

The classrooms are mostly located in the upper floors, with the ESO and Baccalaureate units clearly oriented to the North, avoiding the need for sun protection, while the stairs, supportive, complementary and specific classes are available to the South with solar protection. The stairs thus convert light inlets that organize the floor, and illuminate the hallway and facilitate cross-ventilation.

The modularity of the proposal allows the use of a structure of prefabricated concrete slabs and alveolar slabs to optimize the maximum workmanship and execution costs. The external closures are also resolved by means of serial, industrialized and prefabricated elements, fiber-cement panels, solid ceramic rails, ceramic lattices, and sunscreens on the South facade.

Sustainability is approached from the architectural design:
- Compactness. Reduction in energy demand.
- Orientation. Layout surface disposition to South.
- Ventilation. Configuration of openings to favour cross ventilation.

Other measures are envisaged such as the improvement of the thermal quality of the envelope beyond the regulatory requirements.


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