University Hospital Mutua of Terrassa

Typology: Hospital remodelling Phase: Built and on going construction Surface: 3.560 m2 Promoter: Foundation Mútua de Terrassa Location: Terrassa. Barcelona – Spain Architects: Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato

It corresponds to different remodelling projects that are implemented in phases. The intervention in building C (hospital tower) especially affects the following plants: first basement where the children’s emergency service is substantially expanded, first floor where 5 new operating rooms are made and their corresponding resuscitation, second floor where it is remodelled and extended Obstetric block, fourth plant that will be totally allocated to the critical unit and fifth plant to the intensive care unit.

The basic project also contemplates a new intermediate flooring in the current Castell Street tunnel that will connect the C buildings and the external consultants for patient use at basement level 2, totally segregated from the logistic use that occurs in the current plant Basement 3.





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