Sierrallana hospital extension

Location: Cantabria, Spain
Date: 2017
Surface: 5.700 m2
Collaborator: MMiT Architects
Promoter: Servicio Cántabro de Salud (SCS)
Status: In progress
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

Proposal for the extension Sierrallana hospital, through a new block of external consultations within the hospital plot, in the northeast side.

It is about a new volume that partially adapts to the architectural line of the existing hospital, especially in terms of its geometry and finishes, but it also wants to show itself as a singular volume introducing new elements that give composite richness to the whole.

The new block consists of 4 levels. The basement plant has consultations in the middle of its surface and local logistics in the rest. On the ground floor there are located the main access, inquiries and examination rooms, together with the rehabilitation service, on the back. The two upper levels continue to hold consultations and rooms for other specialties.

The great bet of the volume is to reduce to the maximum the height of the new block, of only three plants to achieve a better integration within the existing set.

The transition between the new block and the hospital is shaped by an interior courtyard with plant species that will allow patients and staff to enjoy natural views and lighting.





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