Sant Joan de Deu de Martorell Hospital

Location: Martorell, Barcelona. Spain
Area: Basic 9,365 1,735 m2 Executive Fase1 1,735 m2
Promoter: Fundació Sant Joan de Deu in Martorell
Architects: Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato
Status: In progress, Built
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

The project is organized in three phases to expand and reform the Emergency current service. The scope of works mainly affects two floors, basement and half-basement, and in the first stage it is built most of the enlargement surface.

The Surgical-Obstetric area is also remodelled and the Pharmacy and Surgical Non Admission Unit ASU services are moved to the basement, to free spaces created by the outsourcing of the logistic areas corresponding to storage, laundry and sterilization.

The vertical communications are also improved with new service lift. To fulfil the new evacuation inpatient units requirements there are attached two new fire stairs to all hospital floors.

hospital-sant-joan-de-deu-00 hospital-sant-joan-de-deu-01 hospital-sant-joan-de-deu-02

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