Remodelling of spaces of the Hospital of Mataró

(Day Hospital, Surgical block and others)

Location: Mataró
Date: 2017 – ongoing
Surface: 3.647 m²
Collaborator: Albert Vitaller Arquitectura SLPU
Promoter: Catalan Health Service – Generalitat of Catalonia
Scope: Preliminary Project, Basic and Execution Project and Direction of the works
Status: Project
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

The purpose of the project is the partial remodelling of the Mataró Hospital to adapt the pertinent areas to the uses of day hospital, surgical block, UCSI, rehabilitation and offices.

The areas are divided into day hospital on the ground floor, surgical block and UCSI in the basement 1 and rehabilitation and offices in the basement 2.

The project operates in very specific areas of the Mataró hospital without coming into contact with the rest of the building, making sectioning much easier when remodelling each area.

The action involves the following services: Day Hospital, Surgical Block, UCSI, Rehabilitation, Electromedicine, Lingerie, Costumes, Documentalists, Economics, Human Resources, Teaching and Offices.

The basement is organized with two corridors, which leave the areas of action very well limited facilitating the sectorization of the reforms. The performances will be made in 2 alternate phases, Phase 1 covering the changing rooms, lingerie, medical offices and electromedicine; and Phase 2 that entails the rest of the zones.

The basement 1 is remodelled in the southeast area, where it acts in a generalized manner. First the temporary costumes are built in Phase 3, in Phase 4 the majority of the surgical block is built and later UCSI in Phase 5 the dressing rooms of the northern area of the operation are formalized, in Phase 6 the locker rooms are reconverted temporary in transfer and finally in phase 6b access is built next to the changing rooms.

The temporary locker rooms work while the final locker rooms are not operational. The ground floor is only acted in one area and is done in a single Phase 3, in which the day hospital will be finished.

The covered floor and facilities will end in Phase 3, where the volume on the deck and the stairs that go up will be auctioned off.


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