Remodelling and Extension of the Hospital of Laredo (Cantabria)

(Surgical Block, Obstetric Block, Sterilization and URCE)

Location: Laredo, Cantabria, Spain

Date: 2017 – ongoing
Surface: 5.861m²
Promoter: Cantabrian Health Service
Scope: Preliminary Project, Basic and Execution Project and Direction of the works
Status: Project
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

Our proposed remodelling and expansion for the Hospital of Laredo responds scrupulously with the requests and demands of the bases of the contest, especially in the implementation of the functional program.

The proposal focuses on the construction of two new plants on the existing emergency service. This extension is perfectly connected to the circulations existing in the current building, trying to keep its circuits as much as possible.

The expansion of the first floor is reserved for a future construction of external consultations. The second floor is the one that contains the services of obstetrics / deliveries, URCE, sterilization and new operating rooms. The part of the operating room and sterilization services is located in the extension, while the obstetric and URCE services are reformed over existing parts of the building itself.

One of the premises of the proposal is the maintenance of the care activity during the construction and reform process. As it is not possible to transfer them to other centres, the permanent attention to patients in these services must be ensured through a proposal for action in successive phases, which also comply with the care priorities established in the basic functional plan of this proposal.

Due to the enormous complexity of this action (all services grow and the activity of relationships between them is enormous), it is necessary to consider the relationship and achievement between these phases.

At the volumetric level, the proposal proposes a prism of white colour and similar in terms of materiality to the current emergencies, giving continuity to the image of the whole of the existing building. It is a new clear volume, aligned with the constructible limit resulting from the application of urban regulations.

However, some elements are introduced, such as order windows and the use of some meshes and plant parts, to introduce details of distinction. This is intended to make the new block distinguishable, that is endowed with a certain autonomy, while being recognizable within the whole of the Hospital Centre.

Two elements stand out in this volume. The first is the large window in the waiting areas (both in future consultations and in the operating rooms), which provides a distinctive element to the façade. On the other hand, there are two new evacuation stairs, open and external, which are protected by a vegetal mesh.


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