Competition for the Radiology Graz


Location: Graz, Austria
Date: 2017
Surface: 4,073 m²
Collaborator: Gina Barcelona
Promoter: LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz
Status: Competition
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

The project is born from reflection on two fundamental issues:

- The solution of the problems of implantation of a building of a certain dimension and its adaptation to the plot that completes the hospital complex of the LKH of Graz.

- The management of the functional and technical conditions of a modern hospital facility dedicated to radiology.

Matching the urban issue with the functional solution is essential to solve a building that must find the right image and scale, capable of interpreting the formal conditions of its environment.

The situation of the plot in the northeast area of the hospital complex LKH makes the new building present itself with the will to act as the beginning-end of a place located on the edge of the site and its connection with the natural landscape.

Understanding the environment is the goal of a building that wants to identify with the place before presenting itself as an autonomous object. In this way you must solve two different issues in the same framework:

- On the one hand, complete the hospital area and its relationship with the neighbouring buildings located to the east and with the constructions that formalize the street A to the north.

- But you must also dialogue with the external green zone and the small domestic buildings and take into account the orientation to the southwest and the distant views to the city of Graz.

In spite of the programmatic duality (Radiology / Cyclotron) and the different phases of execution, a unitary building is proposed capable of finding the volumetric balance between the different dimensions of the neighbouring buildings.

Architecture, an intermediary between the functional concept and the urban context, makes us propose a building with a powerful and delicate image at the same time.

Its size and the possibility of repetition of industrialized construction elements allows the use of metal panels or specific windows that guarantee the enclosure, climatic comfort and the privacy of the northeast and south facades.

In the façades to the south and west the solution of the glazed enclosures uses a new generation of screen-printed glasses of passive solar protection, they allow a greater solar control with enough transparency to guarantee the connection between the interior of the waiting rooms and the exterior wooded and distant views of Graz.
 radiologia-graz-01 radiologia-graz-02 radiologia-graz-03

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