Pallars’ Regional Hospital

Place: Tremp, Lleida. Spain
Conclusion: 1992
Surface: 7.600 sqm
Status: Built
Typology: New Building, Hospital

The Hospital Comarcal del Pallars, with 64 beds, took over the health-care functions of the existing hospital, used for the care of chronic and geriatric patients. The new building stands on a plot formerly occupied by the vegetable gardens of the old hospital. Both buildings are connected.
A certain separation is preserved between the urbanized and landscaped areas, with the building as the buffer between them, as the older hospital did. The dialogue between two materials, fair-faced yellow brick and local stone, reinforces the identity of each element and integrates it into its mountainous environment.
The second key idea was to give the inpatient units attractive views, good orientation and direct contact with the exterior.
The third consideration was the commitment to adapt to the steep slope of the street, taking advantage of this to provide access to different levels by creating small plazas and thus contributing to the hierarchical ordering of the hospital’s internal circulation.

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