Competition for the New University Hospital of La Paz


Location: Madrid
Date: 2019
Surface: 320.000m²
UTE: Rafael de La-Hoz, GHESA Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A.
Promoter: Servicio Madrileño de Salud (SERMAS)  

Status: Competition
Typology: New Building, Hospital

The competition, announced by Madrid Autonomous Community’s Healthcare Ministry, consists on the complete refurbishment of the hospital facilities, which includes phase scheduling to implement the New Health Complex, maintaining the current functioning of the Hospital. It should be highlighted the presence of highly regarded architects among the jury, as for instance Rafael Moneo, Francisco Mangado and Antonio Cruz. The New Hospital of La Paz is a healthcare city on its own, with a variety of entrances such as public, private, logistic, pedestrian and vehicular. The proposal contemplates a “Street” to respond to this complex accessibility to the building, forbidding the existence of vehicles on the ground floor. As a result, the whole area at this level is dedicated to pedestrians, generating friendly and humanized spaces. A high-rise hall is suggested for the main access, which brings together both patients and visitors. It accommodates escalators and panoramic elevators, and is connected to the “Street”, from which all public vertical communication centres of the main buildings can be accessed (General and Maternal Hospitals). The hall turns then into an internal pedestrian street, where natural light has an essential role, and gives architectural sense to the artery through which public flows. This one has been the first collaboration between CASA SOLO, Rafael de la Hoz and Ghesa Engineering as co-authors of the proposal. We are very satisfied of this experience. CASA-SOLO-La-Paz-Madrid-hospital CASA-SOLO-La-Paz-Madrid-hospital-2 CASA-SOLO-La-Paz-Madrid-hospital-1 CASA-SOLO-La-Paz-Madrid-hospital-planta Renders © Rafael de La-Hoz


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