Competition for the New Hospital Centre in Luxembourg

Location: Luxembourg
Built area: 90,000 m2
Promoter: Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
Architects: Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato
Contributor: Metaform (Luxembourg)
Mention: Ramón Sanabria, GINA Barcelona Architects
Status: Competition
Typology: New building, Hospital

Our approach to the project for the New Hospital Centre in Luxembourg revolves around three concepts: A rational approach, in contrast with dispersion and amalgam of the surrounding buildings, leading to a project well structured contributing to the management of the whole area.

A clear and geometric pattern, which leads to a design rational and flexible hospital. The proposal of a street, which allows different accesses the complex, emphasizing the public nature of the building.

nuevo-centro-hospitalario-luxemburgo-00 nuevo-centro-hospitalario-luxemburgo-01 nuevo-centro-hospitalario-luxemburgo-02

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