Competition for the New Böblingen Hospital Center


Location: Böblingen. Germany
Built surface: 103.550 m2
Promoter: Kreiskliniken Böblingen gGmbH
Architects: Roger Pernas, Bernat Gato, GINA Barcelona Architects
Status: Competition
Typology: New Building, Hospital

It is a new hospital located in an old aerodrome. The urban design takes into account the environment and its adaptation to the reality of the neighboring plots (industrial and mixed uses). The site of the new hospital connects with the center of Böblingen through the industrial districts of the north-west of the city, creating a zone of transition between the small grain of the urban buildings with the great plot of the industrial estate.

The proposal plays with different volumes, heights and spaces to reflect the volumetric diversity of site management. The project is based on the continuity of the inner central street. Each of the areas of the proposal responds to the particular circumstances of the property boundaries.

The hospital has an integrated nursing school, as well as numerous areas for research.



nuevo-centro-hospitalario-de-boblingen-01 nuevo-centro-hospitalario-de-boblingen-00 nuevo-centro-hospitalario-de-boblingen-02 nuevo-centro-hospitalario-de-boblingen-03

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