Extension and remodelling of Sant Hospital de la Seu d’Urgell

Location: La Seu d’Urgell, Lleida
Date: 2019
Built area: 3.473 m²
Collaborators: Installations: Lluis J. Duart SLP
Structure: Bernuz Fernández Arquitectes SLP
Architecture: Mario Ramírez Vázquez, Agudo Gangolells Alessandro Giustozzi
Promoter: Fundació Sant Hospital de la Seu d’Urgell
Status: Project
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital, Socio-sanitary

The project arises from the need to respond to the current needs of the Hospital’s social health services.
Firstly, the Day Center and the Rehabilitation Service are moved to the second floor of the annex building, actually in disuse, freeing in this way these spaces from the Hospital. Likewise, on the third floor of the center there are other spaces also availables. These areas on floors 2 and 3 are renovated to accommodate new rooms, increasing the number of available beds by 28%, up to a total of 87.
The project expects the construction of a walkway to connect the new Day Center and Rehabilitation Service with the Hospital. This connection will also allow the evacuation of the occupants of the annex building, and won´t interfere constructively with the ground floor, since the structure necessary to support this walkway will pass in front of the existing access porch.
The project also incorporates a new connection between the Surgical Block and the west wing of the Hospital, which will improve its evacuation conditions.
Other interventions will be executed to adapt the building to the current regulations such as the reconfiguration of the stairs in the Hospital.


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