ICO Girona


Place: Girona. Spain
Conclusion: 2011 
Surface: 1.892 sqm
Status: Built
Typology: New Building, Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

The old Santa Caterina Hospital in Girona was closed and all services moved to a new hospital in Salt. It was necessary to restructure of the Oncology services of the region. It coincided also with the creation of the Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO) which includes all utilities of Oncology of Catalunya. It was decided to build a new pavilion adjacent to Girona’s Josep Trueta Hospital, attached to the East facade. The new building dignifies an area formerly destined to general hospital services, and provides also a new access for users. Two linear accelerators in the first phase were built using Ledite, a light material from the US, and a third machine was incorporated in 2009 in a project also by CASA SOLO. The top access floor is destinated to day hospital, and the nuclear medicine services, including two gamma-cameras. In the second phase an administrative area was added.


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