Competition for the Hospital Joan XXIII in Tarragona

Location: Tarragona, Spain
Date: 2018
Surface: 46,844 m²
Promoter: Catalan Health Service – Government of Catalonia
Collaborator: BAAS Jordi Badia
Status: Competition
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

The Hospital Joan XXIII, like the vast majority of hospital facilities, has over the years become a chaos of disorderly volumes that have been built according to functional emergencies without a clear long-term plan.

In order to give the whole a certain coherence, both urban and functional, we propose grouping all the uses in a single volume that will be built in phases and adapted to the different levels offered by the topography. The hospital will be organized with circulations (public and medical) on the two long sides, and will be illuminated by large central courtyards.

The set will be complemented by a new reception building that will accommodate those more public uses in contact with the city and will become the door and image of the site.

Both buildings will be linked with a covered, and perhaps closed, passage that will become the backbone of the hospital from the main urban access to the parking lot and will relate all the new and existing buildings on the ground floor.

At the level of access and first floor of the new building, the most public and ambulatory program is located (access to outpatient clinics, hemodialysis, admissions and day hospital). In the second floor is located mainly the surgical block, CMA and sterilization to connect with a bridge and level with the obstetric block of building C. Above are the hospitalization areas along with medical offices.

The rest of the general services and the logistical program are introduced in the basement where it connects with building C to communicate the maternal and child and pediatric units with nuclear medicine, diagnosis by image and the rest of services. In the basement there is also an adjoining parking garage with two floors with interior ramp that will cover the spaces that are removed from the current parking.

The project perfectly segregates the public and internal circulations, thus guaranteeing optimal care.

hospital-joan-xxiii-tarragona-04 hospital-joan-xxiii-tarragona-05 hospital-joan-xxiii-tarragona-06

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