Competition for the Hospital in Alcañiz

Location: Alcañiz, Teruel. Spain
Built area: 54,000 m2
Promoter: Aragon Health Service
Architects: Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato
Status: Competition
Typology: New building, Hospital

The hospital is organized according to a typology of building with a basement that consists of two floors with medical-care services and Hospitalization Units located on it, arranged in a spine form. These Units are located on a base with an accessible roof, thought as a garden, which can be used by some of them as outdoor spaces.

In the aforementioned base, with two floors, they are located basically the technical-care units and those of ambulatory care. Two circulation parallel routes, on each side of the block, differentiate the visit and outpatient access from the access that will use other patients with less mobility who come to the hospital by medical transport, in order to get treatments.

In the back facade, on an interior street that gives road access to each unit, a linear block contains general support units, usually more logistical, and other assistance or technical assistance support.

The general access boulevard, located on the main facade, is a public circulation space of transition between the exterior and the interior of the services.

hospital-en-alcaniz-00 hospital-en-alcaniz-01 hospital-en-alcaniz-02 hospital-en-alcaniz-03

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