Competition for the Extension and remodelling of Viladecans Hospital

Location: Viladecans
Date: 2016
Surface: 27.782 m2 (33.724 m2 including underground parking)
Status: Competition
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

Architectural proposal for the extension and remodelling of Viladecans Hospital. The configuration of the project stems from the idea of appropriating the historical access woodland walk, extending it into the building to connect the entire future complex (including its enlargement) with the Mil·lenari Avenue.

This axis becomes a promenade that is the essential structure of the project and naturally integrates the two buildings. The original building is incorporated as a monumental porch that articulates the pre-existences and the new building, the outer and inner boulevard promenades.

Following the thread of contextualized design, project development will take into account local needs, adapting to the socioeconomic reality of future users.

Also, the design should lead to an economic and functional optimization: the strictest possible economy will be sought in the construction, both economically and on time.

ampliacion-reforma-hospital-viladecans-00 ampliacion-reforma-hospital-viladecans-01 ampliacion-reforma-hospital-viladecans-02

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