Extension and remodelling of the former Military Hospital – Manuela Solís Claràs

Location: Quart de Poblet – Mislata
Date: 2018 – ongoing
Built area: 23.000m²
Collaborator: Albert Vitaller Arquitectura SLPU
Promoter: Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health. Generalitat Valenciana
Scope: Preliminary Project, Basic and Execution Project and Direction of works
Status: Project
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital/Socio-sanitary

The purpose of the project is the extension and remodelling of the Military Hospital-Manuela Solís as a hospital for chronic, long stay and mental health, in Quart de Poblet-Mislata, in two phases.

The existing building corresponds to a typical pavilion hospital, where each of the different functional units or services were available in a different pavilions or buildings, all of which are communicated by the general circulations.

The proposal aims to recover the internal use of the connections and buildings of the site, which has all the logic to be all busy with activity. In this way, the centre of gravity of the care activity will no longer tilt over the buildings that are currently in operation, but above all the whole.

The proposal respects to the maximum the configuration of the existing building, as well as its aesthetic quality in the facades and other elements.

The new interventions that involve new architectural elements are the following:

- New communication cores.

- New floor in the general corridors of communication between the pavilions, in the level 1, to facilitate connections, the transfer of patients and the movements of the staff.

- New logistics building with new facades with a new language that clearly identifies the extension, and that is in line with the extensions of the cores previously described.

A very important point in our proposal is the recovery of courtyards between buildings for patients, visitors and staff use.

The treatment and arrival of natural light to the different services, and above all to those spaces of relationship between the patients and the healthcare staff that attends them is an element of great importance in a building typology as what has been proposed. This is achieved through this system of patios, perfectly embedded in the structural mesh. These courtyards have dimensions large enough to be used, not only as light wells but also as outdoor areas for staff or patients.


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