Competition for the Emergency General Hospital in Alicante

Location: Alicante, Spain
Date: 2017
Surface: 4.861 m²
Collaborator: Albert Vitaller Arquitectura SLPU
Promoter: Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health. Generalitat Valenciana
Status: Competition
Typology: Remodelling/Widening, Hospital

At the level of urbanization and outer space, the proposal has been designed to solve conflicts between pedestrian and vehicle exterior routes, and to provide better conditions for the exterior space. That is why the vehicle routes are modified and optimized to gain pedestrian space and an access plaza is created in front of pediatric emergency access.

The newly built building consists of a two-storey volume located in the current emergency laboratory and extending longitudinally through the perimeter of the existing building to join the general emergency access and pediatric emergency access.

This new volume has a curved geometry, adapting to the physical space of the environment and contrasting with the straight lines of the current hospital. The facade is a curtain wall in all its height, with vertical wooden slats that create a vibrant visual effect thanks to the curved geometry. Along the façade, sometimes this generates a movement towards the interior creating covered areas to indicate the accesses. In this way, the extension is recognized as a unitary action with its own character, differentiating itself from the existing volumes.

The interior layout has been developed with special attention to the proper functioning of the hospital, taking into account the internal routes necessary for the different units, and above all maintaining the connection with the rest of the hospital. On the ground floor, there are general emergencies and pediatric emergencies, and on the first floor of the new building there is a short stay unit (SCU) and observation, both connected to a vertical communication centre.

urgencias-hospital-general-alicante-01 urgencias-hospital-general-alicante-02

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