CEIP Pompeu Fabra

Typology: Pree-school and primary school education centre new construction Phase: Built Built area: 1,980 m2 Promoter: Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya Location: Pont de Vilomara. Barcelona Architect: Francesc Pernas

Pompeu Fabra public school for 300 students, is a clear and simple building. It is divided into two parts by a large central space, where circulations and multipurpose spaces are located. The body of the classroom is made of concrete block light coloured; the wing offices and services are built with brick. It is about noble, economical and easy to maintain materials.

The preschool area and the special education classroom are a core apart with their own outdoor playground. The most characteristic feature of the building is the central separation space of the two functional blocks, structured by the stairs of communication of different levels and the ramps, which remove architectural barriers without the need of installing an elevator.




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