Competition for Casablanca


Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Date: 2016
Surface: 7,717 m²
Collaborators: L35, Agence Traces (local architect), JG (engineering) and Spacecoop (landscapist)
Promoter: Groupe Best Health
Status: Competition
Typology: New building, Hospital

The architectural proposal responds to a clinical model of the future. These new clinics are betting on the development of an organization focused on the welfare of patients, their families and caregivers. A human medicine, personalized, listening to their patients and able to understand their expectations. A drug in constant development and exploring opportunities for improvement, according to the real needs of their patients.

The architectural proposal of this building is in harmony with the development vision of the clinic according to the following principles:

1. Develop specific clinical assistance, training and research activities within the clinic.

2. Ensure a quality level of service delivery. The future organization must respond to foreseeable health needs and demands, within a framework of professional excellence, in accordance with the real needs of its patients.

Our objective is a clear definition of the required support model. Patient management must be fast, agile, efficient and flexible. Must be able to identify and offer adequate responses in accordance with new health procedures. The main criteria are:

1. It exceeds the classic concept of an organization focused exclusively on hospitalization and the development needs of clinical services. Anticipates an organization with a proactive vision, capable of perceiving and understanding changes and their effects in the future. We present this concept in the proposal presented and clearly intervenes in the architecture and the dimensioning of the services.

2. Focus on the search for quality, incorporating new technologies into the project. All these requirements have a direct influence on the spatial model (and the dimension of the services).

All the points mentioned above lead to a preliminary definition of the architectural model to which the project must respond.

This project, in its design, adopts the most appropriate solutions to guarantee accessibility to patients and their families, guaranteeing their safety and comfort. All the selected solutions are solutions that respect the environment. The design of new services, with the creation of more human structures, sensitive needs and expectations of users and families, and that promote the development of activities in a pleasant, safe and comfortable way.

1. The establishment of flexible structures will allow the modularity of the spaces to future functional needs.

2. The optimal use of the architectural structures will allow the development of homogeneous spaces and the regrouping of activities in the same type of structure. This is one of the key points of the economic sustainability of the operation, since we have to make the most of the available resources.

3. A building easily identifiable by users, which offers easy and convenient access to equipment.

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