New CAP of Pineda de Mar

Location: > Pineda de Mar, Barcelona
Date: 2019
Built area: 2.136 m²
Status: Project
Typology: New Building, Health Center

The proposal consists of a white, pure and abstract volume with large ceramic voids that function as a viewpoint and access, thus recovering the coastal tradition of white buildings, where full prevails over the void.
The new built volume is presented as a compact piece, facing Tribala Street, creating a new point of reference at the Plaza de la Granja, where the presence of the new CAP hopes to reenergize the public space.

The building composed by an interior patio and a cross-shaped scheme that facilitates the orientation of users, ensuring agile circuits of patients and professionals. A cozy and comfortable result is achieved, and abundant natural light and ventilation are ensured.

The plan is designed in a very clear way, placing all the care-taking activities as well as the main entrance on the ground floor, first floor and basement floor. Thus the vertical movement is kept to the essential minimum, facilitating the accessibility within the center for all users. Only the central fixtures will be located on the rooftop’s staircase.

C1905_Vista exterior-CASA-SOLO-CAP-Pineda-de-Mar


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