Competition for the Béchar Military Hospital

Location: Béchar, Algeria
Built area: 51,860 m2
Developer: Ministry of National Defense of Algeria
Architects: Roger Pernas and Bernat Gato
Status: Competition
Typology: New building, Hospital

The project wants to integrate itself into the surroundings both in its volume definition (low-height building and extensive on the plot) and with the materials and colors chosen.

The services are arranged around inner courtyards because the project was inspired by the traditional desert architecture. As a result the inner spaces are properly illuminated and have better temperature and humidity control.

The accesses are differentiated according to the functional plan: outpatients, visits, staff and logistics. The hall unifies visitors and outpatients. The circulations are separated in order to avoid crossings between the staff and visitors/outpatients.

hospital-militar-bechar-00 hospital-militar-bechar-01 hospital-militar-bechar-02 hospital-militar-bechar-03

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